RADBA Meeting Minutes- April 2016

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Campbell at 4:06pm. Minutes from the March  meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: There’s an invoice system set up for renewal dues which are due at the end of June for the following year.

RADTIP Update/Steph Monson Dahl: Steph handed out a timeline of most of the Riverfront Redevelopment Activities that will be taking place beginning in April until the end of the year. It also includes a summary of the communications plan the City is putting together to help with consistent and helpful communications with stakeholders throughout the construction process. Majority of construction won’t happen until next spring. A communication plan/tool kit will be passed out to surrounding businesses that will be affected by the construction. The toolkit will be looked over at the RADPAC meeting in July. It will be discussed more in the next membership meeting how the city will handle communications and who the points of contact will be. The communication plan with visitors will also be discussed. It was encouraged that everyone use the App that the City has to report issues that aren’t an emergency.  A big concern right now is utility relocation which is combining all distribution poles to transmission poles. This will start in mid-August and there will not be any more special events from August till the end of the year on the Riverside Dr. Lot. At the July RADBA meeting, this will be talked more in-depth. The first draft of the Form Based Code is out and they are accepting comments until May. There’s a video on the cities website that goes through all the districts as well as a comparison table of each district. The plan for moving ahead: meetings with business owners during May & June, advisory meeting, send to Code Studio, second draft in August and approval process in October. RADPAC will be sending a letter to the city about our feedback. You can find more information on all these projects on the right hand side of the City’s website as well as more information on Open City Hall which provides more background of projects and an opportunity to give opinion.

New Business: Gabi White spoke about the grant she applied for using the space in front of Grey Eagle to plant edible plants. This will include edibles, pollinators, a musical installation, trees and other plants. Amber Weaver is coming up with programs for community partnership for these types of programs. It was decided there needed to be a better plan as well as a budget.

Adjourn: 5:02pm

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