Thursday’s Riverfront Open Office Hours @ Asheville City Hall

Dear RADBA Members,

Please take advantage of this opportunity if you  are interested:

Every third Thursday of the month, the City of AVL will host Riverfront Redevelopment Open Office Hours from 3PM to 5PM, 5th Floor City Hall.  This is a drop-in event designed to connect citizens and visitors to riverfront redevelopment resources.  The drop-in-when-you-can event relies on the concerns of those present to set the tone.  This week’s event is likely to focus on the vision, timeline and potential impact of the projects that many in the community have been asking about, including the improvements associated with the $14.8 million dollar grant from USDOT.  The City hopes you will attend.

Contact Steph Monson Dahl for more info:  (828)232-4502

Best Regards,

Susan Kaagan/RADBA Secretary

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